What does it take to make a living as a freelance drummer in the 21st century you ask?

Throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to work, write and develop in many genres and styles of performance. Although ever changing, my time is generally split in three main directions.

As a free lance musician I get to work with many artists or bands that perhaps don’t have a regular drummer of their own, want a drummer/percussionist for a studio recording, or simply need a substitute for a sick or absent member. This is one of the more challenging aspects of work, as it usually requires learning a large amount of material in a mix of genres (sometimes 40-50 songs) to play as little as one or two shows. Rehearsal optional. Nonetheless, it’s equally rewarding as it is challenging. I’ve met many fantastic musicians and friends working this way.


  • Scrap Arts Music
  • The County Line
  • Mildly Wild
  • Resonance
  • Impulse Response
  • Alexander Ferguson Trio
  • Nick Mintenko
  • Rosie Bitts and the Dirty Boys


  • Mad Mona
  • Bryce Allan
  • Fox and Hound
  • Chris Erikson and Co
  • Kiaran MacMillan
  • Neon High
  • The Journeymen

Stepping away from the safety and familiarity of the drum kit, I perform with Scrap Arts Music, a high energy pop percussion show featuring 5 athletic musicians and an array of invented instruments. I’m a member of the original cast of “Children of Metropolis,” their second theatre production, currently touring internationally. We also perform an educational show in Canadian and American school systems as “SAM2” (or ScrapArtsMusic2.0), sharing the joys and usefulness of creativity, problem solving and recycling, as well as apparent percussion wizardry, all for school ages kids.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I have been heavily involved in the Canadian country music scene for several years now, particularly with the Modern country duo The County Line. This group keeps me busy, as they play around a hundred shows a year on average. I also do freelance studio work and performances with several other country groups.